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Week in Review: 11/2/18

Another week down, and it was another unproductive one. No words were put to page.

I watched Cloverfield Paradox, and it was horrible. The cast was incredible, but the story itself was dreadful. Just horrible.


Another terrible film I watched this week was Bullet to the Head. A Stallone action film with Khal Drago as the villain. Also a train-wreck. Not a successful week of Netflix viewing!


On a positive note, I did get back into the gym for a few days. Next week we’ll be back on a full schedule of Monday to Friday on, rest the weekend.

This weekend the Olympic games started, so I’ll have some viewing entertainment in the background for Monday when I get back into my writing groove.


A rather dull weekly round-up, but it’s going to happen from time to time.

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