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Week in Review: 08/04/18

Another week in the books, and ‘Standish’ is now over the 50% mark on the red-penning edit. We’re on pace and looking good to get into the hands of the Beta-tester by the end of the month. I feel that this editing session is helping add a bit more body to the story, hopefully making it a superior product.


Got out and about a bit more this week. Went and saw ‘The Phantom Thread’ at the Institute for Contemporary Art. Interesting film. Very beautifully shot, and very stylish. Funny enough, I happened to be wearing a pair of Cleverley’s and spotted George Glasgow on the screen. Ahh, London is a small world sometimes.


Found myself cycling around London on Saturday, and finally got myself to Alexandra Road Estates in north London. Recently seen in the Kingsman film. Love the 1970s brutalist architecture. Very progressive.


Also stumble upon HG Wells old digs at Baker Street, just a day after reading that the BBC were making a War of the Worlds series. Very excited about that.



And finally, today, I made it to the Design Museum for the Ferrari: Under the Skin exhibition. Very interesting, and quite in-depth. Would have been fun to see with someone who knows a lot about cars. Worth a visit.


Watched a few films at the casa this week. I’ll get the flotsam out of the way first. ‘Hitman’s Bodyguard’. Stupid, but kinda funny at times. ‘Smoking Aces’. Just stupid. ‘Valerian’: a disaster of galactic proportions. I re-watched ‘5th Element’ Saturday night. It’s good. It’s fun. ‘Valerian’ just sucks.


Now, finally, the piece de resistance: Wolf Warrior 2. 5 minutes into this film and the absurdity already has a slime on my face. This is without a doubt the most awesomist bad film of all time, and it’s obvious that China is the greatest country in the universe. Some highlights from the film: stopping an RPG with a mattress spring box, the Chinese fleet sailing into harms way while the US Navy runs, the quote of the film: ‘Put Africans around a bonfire and all their cares go away.’ The film is pure pro-Chinese pornography with some absurd action and dialogue. Worth a watch!


Next week it’s back to the red-pen. I should have this round of edits finished by Friday, then it’s full speed ahead on ‘Love in a time of War’, and once that is finished, I think we’ll be onto ‘Condition Zero: Earth Saga VI’. Looking forward to a successful spring and summer of writing.


Until next time.

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