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Week in Review: 01/04/18

It’s Easter Sunday, and April Fools day all wrapped into one, and when I looked at March’s sales numbers, I realised that the joke was on me. Grim, grim. 23 books sold. I’d need to sell that per day to match my 2007 salary as a journalist. Not good.


This week has seen a few promising targets hit. I finished Grammarly edits on ‘Standish’, and then had a manuscript printed out.


I like to edit on the page. Much easier than editing on the computer. 450 pages of sci-fi action adventure. It’s going to be mega.


Of course, you always have to deal with the realities of editing. It’s work, baby.


On another positive note, got my Trademark paperwork in the mail. A little disappointed at the lack of pomp and circumstance surrounding it, but hey, at least it’s finally in my hands. Don’t have to worry about those mega-twats from Candy Crush for the moment.


Popped down to Crystal Palace on Saturday for some reptile investigations. Got some good shots at the same time.



New tunes from Kalax helped power some editing this week, while I watched the freaking dreadful Man from Uncle. Gorgeous cast, stylish, and a complete mess. I also watched I Saw the Light about Hank Williams, which I thought was slightly better than the reviews were saying.




The plan for the next few days is to red-pen the hell out of Standish, get those changes made on the old computer, then get another copy printed out for my beta-tester. I also plan on getting some work done on ‘Love in a time of War’ during that period. In fact, I’d like to have that finished and online this month. We shall see.


Now, back to Captain America: Civil War. So far, it sucks. But hey, what was I expecting?

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