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The Middle of October

It’s the middle of October, and things are moving along. Book V, Edge of the Vortex, is finally out. Standish is just under the 60,000-word mark. Ideally, I’d have it finished this month, then up on Amazon in November. That will depend on a variety of factors.

Got some great work recently from Luke West. His revamped Remnants of Empire cover is a big improvement over what I had, and I am very happy with his Edge of the Vortex cover. He’s currently working on a cover for Condition Zero (book VI), which is due out in early 2018.

It’s autumn in London, which means it’s getting dark earlier, which doesn’t help so much with the wordsmithing motivation. I’m worried that my expectations for early 2018 in regard to productivity may be too high. Time will tell.

I’ve recently added some new albums to my working mix.

Soulless Computer Boy and the Eternal Render- Trevor Something

Atlas- FM-84

Utopian Sounds Recollections- Duke Starwalker

These albums really help get the juices going, block out distractions. Help get the words on the page.

Additional thoughts take me back to what it’s all about, selling books. I’ve tried a free run of Minus Epsilon on Amazon for a few days. Not sure how that will turn out. I’ve had some new reviews, which is good, but my overall sale to review ratio is still very low. Frustrating.

Regardless, we must push on, knowing that I am making a product that is worth the price of admission. I’ll also have a few updates soon to www.donaldbmcfarlane, thanks to my main-man Asa.

Anyway, time to get back to what matter: the art of storytelling.

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