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Sentinel Commander

After much delay, I had an artist do a rendering of the Sentinel Commander. I’m not saying that this is the definitive look, but it’s very close to what I have in mind.

The Sentinel Commander is a title bestowed on the senior and most advanced robot/droid assigned to warships in my series: The Earth Saga. The Epsilon has four Sentinels, and are responsible for the ship’s defence. Here is a list of some of the capabilities and specifications of the machine. Possible spoilers ahead.

Standing roughly 10 feet tall, the Sentinel Commander is humanoid in shape and is grey in colour and covered in extremely durable and impact resistant armour. The SC has an Advanced Sinus Six Tactical Command Computer that allows it to remotely command other Sentinels, and in an emergency, override flight systems on the Epsilon. Like almost all of the Sentinel’s in service of the Etelainen, the SC was built on Darjk.

The green line on the forehead is the only visible indication of its position, while Sentinel 2 from Minus Epsilon has a green line half the length of the SC. Green is the colour of the Etelainen, while red represents the Pohjois, light blue the Emperor and other Royal ships/forces, and white represents the Core.

The Sentinel Commander has a holographic display system in its right forearm and eventually has an energy shield installed in its left arm. Carrying a micro-fusion reactor, the Sentinel Commander has the ability to move incredibly fast and can utilise a variety of enlarged weapons specially built for Sentinels.

Throughout the novels, the Sentinel Commander develops a close relationship with Major Joe Hunt. With the ability to speak any language given enough references, the SC is a vital member of the Epsilon crew and growing into one of the main characters in the series.

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