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Reality Check.

Well hello reality, you cruel beast.  My butt has just been knocked for six. I suppose I always underestimated the realities of starting a new book, let alone the fifth book in a Sci-Fi series. Well reality came knocking on the door today.


Not only do I need to figure out where we left off in book IV, I’ve got to figure out what is going to happen in book V, and with a 9 book series in mind, all the steps and moves that come after this phase of the story.


We’re currently looking at 94 characters since book I kicked off the Earth Saga, with more to be added no doubt during this book. The scope of things is getting a bit much to handle. Lots of pieces in motion. Tracking them is getting trickier by the book. I suppose that has to do with the scale of the series, which is growing by the novel.

Oh, I’ve recently discovered Synthwave. Sweet Christmas that music is fun. Good to write to. Anyway, we’ve got a big hill to climb on book V. I’m targeting the highest word count to date, so it’ll be longer than all the books so far. Not as long as some of RR Martin’s, but long for me.


As you can see from the pics, I’ve been trying to identify key characters and key scenes in their story arcs. It’s clear to me that for the first time in the series, Doctor Keegan Beck might be the lead with Rhea and Joe taking a backseat. Now it’s just a question of tying them all together, with some serious ad-libbing along the way. New characters will pop up out of nowhere because they’re needed.

Not that I’m too worried about attracting Chinese film studios, but it’s time to bring China into the mix in a big way. They’ve got a huge population, and can’t be ignored. India, sorry, about you’re about to suffer some serious issues in this book. Blame Pakistan. It’s worked in the past.

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