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October 19

October is over, and another title is available as part of the Earth Saga series: Standish. The novel, all 190,000 words, is my pride and joy, and I hope something that people will enjoy reading. The story focuses on a young girl at the start of her military career, and on the same woman as she approaches retirement. It’s a bloody space-opera that hopefully captures my ability to deliver action on a scale that the other Earth Saga books haven’t seen.

October also saw the conclusion of Project 9, now titled The Gauloi. This is a novella that attempts to blend sci-fi with horror to deliver a compact journey of survival amid the terror found in deep-space. I’m looking at a November release for this project.

I have also decided on a radical change of direction from my previously laid plans. I had planned to keep charging ahead with the Earth Saga series, currently 1/3 of the way through book 7 of 9, but I’ve lost all drive on that, and it’s been put on ice. My plans now are to start another stand-alone project, a novel, around the 100k word mark. No spoilers on the subject matter, but it’ll be more cerebral, but pack enough action for those who liked my other books. This project will remain within the Earth Saga universe, and hopefully, add depth to what is already known, and create a chance to enrich the collection.

Downloaded some more synth tunes for my creative juices and watched a few films in October. Nothing that warrants mention.

The plan for November is to get Project 9 out to the readers and get the keys punched with Project 11, the next chapter in the Earth Saga universe.

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