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Month in Review: September ’18

September has come to an end, and with it the heat. London is cooling off, and autumn has arrived. September was a fairly productive month. I got Standish into the hands of another beta-tester, and work on Project 8 (Book VI) has continued. I’ve also gotten a better picture of where the Earth Saga series is heading after Book IV has wrapped, and what project with be up next after 8 is complete. Lots to figure out, but if the keys keep getting punched, we’ll get there eventually.


In terms of books sales, September wasn’t the worst month of record, but it wasn’t stellar. I really need to find an agent, otherwise I’ll be in literary obscurity forever.


Read the first book in the Agent Cormac series from Neal Asher, Gridlinked¸ and I thought it was quite fun. Quite a change from reading a tomb on the Napoleonic Wars. I’ve got a stack of books to read at home which will take at least a year to get through.


I also added Nuthin But Mech 2 to my collection in September. I found it in Forbidden Planet while popping in randomly. The artwork inside is amazing, and really gets the mind flowing in so many directions.


September also had the book launch of my friend James Sherwood’s Jewelry for Gentlemen book at Bentley and Skinner on Piccadilly. A great resource of men’s jewelry and filled with inspiration of how to jazz up any look.


Cinema in September was a very mixed bag. On the good side was Born to be Blue, about Chet Baker. Ethan Hawke delivered a great performance as Baker, and I’m always a fan of Callum Keith Rennie. I also thoroughly enjoyed the Bodyguard series on the BBC. Gripping, well written. A winner.


On the other side of the spectrum were disasters like Riddick, Point Break (the remake), and Passengers. Proof that no amount of budget can save a badly written story with crappy dialogue and dreadful acting. Who green-lights these catastrophes?

Arrow -- "Green Arrow" -- Image AR401B_0057b -- Pictured: Katie Cassidy as Black Canary -- Photo: Dean Buscher /The CW -- © 2015 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

Music wise, we stuck with adding synth-wave tunes to the collection, along with more random albums from several ‘Greatest Records of All Time’ lists. My library is growing with not only music I like, but with music I’m told I should listen to, at least to increase my breadth and depth of knowledge.


Unfortunately, we lost Burt Reynolds in September. The man was a character.


On a positive note, we got a picture of Arnie and Linda Hamilton. Whatever they make can’t be worse than Genisys!

Screenshot (40)

October should be a good month. Visiting Germany twice along with France. Need to get more words down on the page. Project 8 (Book VI) needs to be finished by the end of November to stick with a late December launch. We shall see!


Until next time.


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