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Month in Review: August ’18

August is over, and I would have to say it was a fairly positive month. Taking stock of open projects, Project 6 is with testers/editors, and we’re going to be giving out another copy to Nick C for reading during the first week of September. Project 8 is approaching 40,000 words and should be on track for a late 2018 release. The most exciting news, however, is that Project 7, Love in a time of War has finally been released. Always nice to get a new project out there.

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Project 6 is on track for an autumn/winter 18 release, and will be the second stand-alone Earth Saga story after Love in a time of War. These two stories take place in the same universe as the first 5 Earth Saga stories that have already been released, and some familiar faces may pop up in them. As of now, Project 9 will also be a stand-alone novel. I think that having more stand-alone material in the market will help increase my readership, and will offer a softer transition into the Earth Saga universe versus starting off with what is planned to be a 9 book series.


In other news, I watched a few films in August, the one that jumps to mind first is Extinction a sci-fi film that has a rather clever twist in the 3rd act, but still sucks. While the premise is interesting, I think that it’s a little unrealistic (I know, sci-fi), and the acting is weak. Which never helps.


I went a bit crazy in the book stores last month. Bought enough books for probably all of the rest of this year, and all of 2019. Added a bunch of sci-fi to my ‘to read’ list. I started with Thrawn, a Star Wars book. It was my first, and most likely last attempt at a novel from that series. I’m not saying it was bad, I’m just saying it doesn’t warrant another crack, at least for now.

One book that I am very thrilled with is the Martian by Andy Weir. I’m about half-way through this one, and I think it’s great. Always fun noting the differences and similarities from the book and the film.


The music trend in August stayed with synth. I freaking love it. Bought 2 albums from Survive, one from Isidor and a band called Join the Riot. Some great tracks from these groups.


In other sci-fi news, it seems that there might be a Picard spin-off, which would be awesome. I’ve been watching the new season of Archer, and while it’s not as good as some of the first seasons, it’s still a load of fun.

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Finally, I was able to get out of London for a few days in August. I often complain that I don’t get out of town enough, and even though I’m working while in France, it’s nice to get some fresh country air, and not worry about being killed while cycling through town.


As soon as I’m back in town, it’ll be straight to the printers to get a new copy of Project 6 printed out and into the hands of my trusty beta-tester. This could be the one, and I’m going to pitch it to agents. I need an agent, can’t keep groveling for sales on my own forever.

Until next month.

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