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March 2021

It’s the middle of March and things are zipping along. The weather in London is warming up ever so slightly, and while lock-down is still in place, work has been steaming ahead.

At the moment, there are five open projects:

Project X- The Battle for Jupiter, Earth Saga VII

Project XII- A War Beneath the Clouds, an Earth Saga Story

Project XIII- The Virus, an Earth Saga Story

Project XVI- Terminal Frontier, Earth Saga VIII

Project XVIII- Arpina & Fairlight, an Earth Saga Story

Projects X, XII, XIII are in the editing phase, while Projects XVI & XVIII are still being written.

The current plan is to get Project X to the editor for a May edit, allowing for a June release. Considering that Project XII is entering the penultimate editing phase before going to the editor, that should be sent off for a June edit, then a July release. I would then expect Project XIII to be sent off for July, allowing for an August release. That leaves Project XVI & XVIII for late summer/autumn edits and releases. That leaves one project in the wind for 2021, Project XVII, Focal Point, Earth Saga IX.

There’s a lot of work still to accomplish, but I believe getting all six of these projects published by the end of 2021 is a very achievable goal. Hopefully readers will enjoy them.

Book IX in the Earth Saga series will be the last book in that series. I have plans, already in the works, for two follow on trilogies, one set immediately after book IX, and another set a few hundred years in the future. Both of these series will see all new characters, and hopefully will offer a new set of adventures for people to enjoy.

On a separate note, someone asked me what the order of the Earth Saga books is. So, I’ve attached an image below to spell things out. The first five books on the list take place before the nine book series starts, and can be read in any order without spoiling the storyline.

I plan on writing several standalone books in the future that will fill in some of the time gaps between the novels, hopefully creating a rich, diverse sci-fi universe for people to enjoy.

As for the rest of March, I hope to have Project X sent to the editor, possibly along with Project XII. Ideally, I’d also have Projects XVI & XVIII complete, but it’s impossible to know how long those novels will be until we’ve put pen to paper. Project XVIII still has two large scale action sequences to be added, and Project XVI still has a murky path to completion.

Hopefully things will open up in London in the next few weeks, then it’ll be time to escape from my little corner of town for some exploring. I do miss wandering around this town. A surprise around every corner.

Until next time, stay safe out there.

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