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March ’19

March is over. We’re still in the EU, Standish has less than 100 pages to be re-edited, and ideas are starting to come together for Project 9, which I will most likely start during the second week of April. On another positive note, Book 6 of the Earth Saga is with the beta-tester, which means that it should be on-line before June.

Once edits are completed on Standish, I plan on sending it to agents for representation. Many of the publishers I’ve searched state that they won’t take work if it’s been published elsewhere (Kindle), so that means I need to keep the book on my shelf until it’s hopefully picked up by an agent/publisher.

Did some serious reading in March. I started the Game of Thrones series and raced through the first book and started the second. I’ve put a pause on that read after picking up the most excellent Vietnam book by Max Hastings. I think it’ll be back to GoT after the history book.

On the viewing front, I watched Love, Death, & Robots. I thought that some of these shorts were excellent. I also enjoyed Triple Frontier and Fail Safe.

Music wise, I got into Kalax heavily in March. Even going to his concert later this month in London.

The big challenges for April will be finishing Standish and finding an agent. That is priority number 1. After that, it’s a case of starting Project 9, which may be a short story. I’m still toying with the idea of doing like Alien meets Event Horizon. We shall see.

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