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Lockdown Day 6

Right. I seemed to have missed my blog for Feb-tober, but who really cares?

February was a fairly productive month. I was able to finish Project XI, the book I’m calling my Poirot in Space novel. It’s currently with 3 beta-readers, and depending on how things go with this lock-down, I’d like to launch it some time in April.

I suppose that’s almost part of the irony for me with this lockdown, which was put into place on the evening of the 23rd, that my productivity might actually increase now. I sure as hell can’t burn time in the pub for the foreseeable future!

With Project XI out with readers, it’s time to get back to work on Project X, the 7th book in the Earth Saga series. Now, there are a few issues there. Most notably the issue of trying to remember what the hell was going on when I left that project. That is a major issue. As a result, I’m going to put a pin in the story, and write the final act. The big whammy of an ending. Once that is complete, the plan is to get the book to the printers, start editing from the beginning, and figure out how to piece this monstrosity together. That is going to take time, but time is something I have in abundance at the moment.

The lockdown will also give me a chance to binge watch some Netflix, and to watch some DVDs that I’ve still got. I’m feeling the need to rewatch BSG, possibly all the Alien films, Fast and Furious, the list goes on. All I know is that we’re going to be locked-down for a few months, time to punch the keys and not go insane!

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