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Lockdown Day 10

Hello from London. The lockdown continues as the death toll rises. It’s only the second of April, but I suspect that things will not improve rapidly. Like my book sales.

March was an epic month for sales: 1. A single copy flew off the shelves. I’m wondering if this is in part because I’ve stopped all social media such as Facebook and Instagram, but part of me can live with that. Those organizations don’t have the same values that I’d like to think I have, so, fuck ‘em. Naturally we want the book sales chart to look like that of US coronavirus cases, up up and away!

Now, a bit of a wee change in plans since the last update. My Poirot in space is still out with three readers, but my cover artist has been silent the last few days. Hopefully no dramas there. I had planned on jumping back into Project VII of the Earth Saga series at this point, but when you’re 45,000 words in, I’m totally confused and lost. Who is where and what the heck is going on!? It’s an issue I didn’t anticipate.

So, with that in mind, I have embarked on Project XII. This will not tie into any of the other stories and will be a bit of a departure from the other work I’ve done. Think World War One meets Avatar. More to follow on that as the project starts to flesh itself out!

I’ve been seeing some poor reviews left on Amazon lately. That is really disappointing. When I take into account the number of books that have been downloaded, mostly for free, it’s shocking to see how few reviews I have, and supposedly, reviews drive sales. Perhaps this is why I sold only a single book in March.

Who the fuck knows?

All I can do is continue to make projects that I think are fun and exciting, something other people will hopefully agree with if they give the books the chance.

Until next time dear reads, wash your hands and stay 2 metres apart.

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