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Lock Down Day 51

Greetings from London on day 51 of the LockDown. Things are changing slowly, it would seem, with the virus, but not much has changed for me. The daily routine is much the same. Wake up, check the news, do some Phys, check the 18 YouTube channels that make my giggle (mainly sci-fi related), then think about punching the keys.

There are currently, technically, three projects underway over at DBM Inc. We’ll tackle each by the progress made.

First, there is Project XI. This project is currently out with two readers, and we’re aiming to get this sucker released before autumn. This will be a standalone novel, and a bit different from my earlier works. Think Hercule Poirot in space. Don’t worry, there will be plenty of violence, because we can’t have an Earth Saga novel without something exploding and at least a double-digit body count.

The second project ticking along is Project XII. This will also be a standalone project, and is currently sitting at 28,021 words complete. I’m not sure where the idea came from, a bit of ‘1917’, a bit of the Korea program ‘Kingdom’ a bit from ‘StarShip Troopers’, but this will be a bit of a coming of age story. Bleak, and not as expansive as some of the other novels that I’ve written, but I think that it’ll have enough bang to keep people interested.

The final project that is underway, and is currently on ice is Project X. This is the 7th novel in the Earth Saga series. This book is slated for re-start after Project XII is finished. On the one hand, I feel slightly guilty about leaving anyone who has read Book 6 hanging, on the other hand, anticipation! This novel could be the longest of the series to date and will be action-packed, so it shouldn’t be rushed.

In addition to my daily routine of punching the keys, I’ve been finally able to binge-watch the ‘Mandalorian’, which I thought was rather fun. Not perfect, but certainly a heck of a lot better than the recent other Star Wars films, other than Rogue One, which I really enjoyed.

Last night I watched ‘Fist of the North Star’, which I haven’t seen in years. Flipping amazing. A bit of the old ultra-violence, and anime that might be dated, but still very visually appealing. I wish I had watched the original, Japanese voiced with English subtitled version, but the dubbed one sufficed.

I continue to add to my synth-wave collection weekly; it’s the only genre I write to. I recommend everyone try it if they enjoy electronic music of any kind, and are a fan of sci-fi. The two go perfectly hand-in-hand.

The rest of this week will be focused on punching the keys on Project XII and looking forward to getting Project XI back from the beta-testers. I’ve got good vibes about that project.

Until next time, stay safe out there.

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