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June 19

June was the first month of heat we’ve had in London, and a mostly positive month for getting ‘stuff’ accomplished. Book sales were happening for the Earth Saga series, and a few free copies of Love in a time of war were also snapped up. It was actually the best month of sales since September, but well short of where we need to be!

On a very positive note, I finally got all the pages of Condition Zero back from my beta-tester/editor, which will allow me to launch it in early July. We’re still on target for a 4 book launch this year, just need to keep the nose to the grindstone.

I was able to get to France early in the month, and did some editing there while watching the French Open, and I’ve been enjoying Wimbledon this week while knocking out final edits on Condition Zero.

On the reading front, I’ve started reading The State of Africa which is both enlightening, and rather depressing at the same time.

Film wise, I checked out I am Mother on Netflix, and while it wasn’t perfect, it was by far the best sci-fi that they’ve made to date. Hopefully that trend continues.

A few days in Lisbon was thrown into the mix, which was a lovely few days out of London.

July has one primary mission objective: get Condition Zero on Kindle. That is it. That objective should be completed by the end of the 2nd week, and after that, it’s full speed ahead with Project 9 and Project X, the 7th Earth Saga book.

Applications are still going out to agents, but I’m just getting ‘NO’ in response. Something to expect, I suppose. Just need to keep the message getting out.

Let’s hope July goes to plan, and the few fans that have read books 1-5 enjoy the 6th installment of the Earth Saga.

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