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January ’19

Another month in the books. January didn’t involve much new activity. At the moment there are 2 novels being edited: Standish (Project 6) and Condition Zero: The Earth Saga VI (Project VIII). These are both at a different phase of the editing process but are ticking along.

Having some a bit of research recently, I have decided that I want to pitch Standish to agents/publishers before attempting to put it on Kindle. If the goal is to make writing a profitable career, I need to get away from the one-man-band idea and seek real representation. This will most likely prove to be a long a laborious process, but one that must be undertaken.

Onto lighter subjects. I picked up the John Harris and Chris Foss art books this month.

These are incredible resources with amazing art that really makes you dream about the worlds these two artists have created.

One the reading front, I read Team Yankee, a book about a US army unit in Germany during a WW3 scenario. It’s fun, fast, and technically accurate, which makes it very enjoyable to read.

Didn’t go to the cinema in January, but I did watch Polar with Mad Mikkleson, which was fun. Laura, a film-noir which is brilliant, and a documentary on nuclear weapons that is half art film/half scare you about the prospect of being turned to ashes rapidly. A brilliantly made film.

On the music front, I secured some more Synth-wave. It is all I listen to while working. I don’t think that will change anytime in the near future.

I’ve got an artist doing some work on a rendition of Standish the character. The outfit she is wearing is from a non-combat related scene and shows some versatility in her character. Looking forward to the final product.

Febtober will involve more editing. I feel confident that Standish will be finished by the end of the month, while Condition Zero should be ready for the next phase of editing by the end of the month also. Fingers crossed.

When considering options for going forward, I’m not sure how I want to proceed. Standish appeared in the Book IV flashback along with several other characters. I’m thinking that Project 9 should be a book in the same universe but with completely new characters. I’m not cancelling any of the other projects that I’ve considered already, but I’m thinking another stand-alone is required after Condition Zero is handed off to the beta-tester.

Time will tell.

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