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It’s Friday which means a variety of things. It means the end of the work week for many, but for others, such as myself, it’s just another day where you try to create something new and hopefully creative. Do I wish I had a 9-5? Nope. But! There must be something nice about consistency. Writing, no such fucking thing. Not sure if I mentioned it before but writing is like being on the ocean, you’re riding the wave of peaks and troughs. One day, one week, one month you’re kicking ass, the next you’re an empty bag of flesh with nothing clever, new or good to put down on paper.


Got a new notebook. This will be for notes for the standalone book I’m doing called Standish. It will take place during the opening years of the War of Succession and will centre around a female character who is mentioned briefly in book IV. Some militaristic liberties may be taken, but hey, it’s sci-fi baby.


Book V is coming along at a snail’s pace. 2142 words says the machine. Well slow and steady. Init?


Work station/Battle station. Where I fall in love with my craft just as quickly as I want to take my computer and send it flying across the room at warp speed.

Happy Friday people. Good news is there is a 50% chance we’re living in the Matrix, so says the news channels today. Enjoy the week. England has Malta for World Cup Qualifying on Saturday and the Falcons are in Denver on Sunday. And we’ve got the Japanese Grand Prix also on Sunday.

Remember, dear readers, you heard it here first off the record on the QT and very hush-hush.

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