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Feb ’19

February is over and Brexit is looming. What could possibly go wrong?

February was a rather slow month. Project 8 has been edited to the point where it can be handed to the beta-tester, but I’m waiting until April to do that. Gotta give my man a break. Standish is still going through a line-by-line edit. Once this is complete, it’ll be sent to agents and publishers. I think it’s the strongest work I’ve done to date, and dumping it on Amazon Kindle would be a disservice to the work I’ve put in.

With Brexit looming, Trump in the US, and right-wing fascists emerging everywhere, I’m giving more consideration to this and that. I’ve subscribed to Foreign Policy in an attempt to educate myself more on the world and how fucked it is. And with that in mind, I’ve come off Insta-Stupid. I don’t think it was helping me sell books, and I was finding the whole experience a negative narcissistic nightmare. No more!

I watched a few cracking documentaries in Feb, starting with Operation Odessa. Fascinating look into organized crime and the world of narcos. The second documentary I watched was the China Hustle. This was a real eye-opener into the world of Chinese and US financial operations etc. Mind. Blown.

I also watched the BBC Les Mis series, which I thought was excellent. A hell of a lot better than the musical from a few years back.

On the reading front I tried a book on the crusades, but it was putting me into a coma, so I’ve started with the first Game of Thrones book. Wow. It’s excellent. I can’t recommend it enough. I am giving serious consideration to reading the books on the trot. We shall see.

Music was the same. Growing my collection of synth. I do love this music. It’s the only thing I can work to, even for editing.

March should see the completion of work on Standish. Once that is in the books and ready to deploy, the question has to be what comes next. Project 8 is the 6th book in the Earth Saga series, but I’m not that interested in writing book 7 at the moment. I’m thinking about writing another novella. Set in the Earth Saga Universe, but with characters we’ve not seen before. There are several stand-alone books like Standish on the drawing boards, but I’m thinking of doing something different first. We’ll see what happens.

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