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Editing and Rejections

Welcome to a whole new week. It’s Monday and work kicked off bright and early with some final edits on Book IV. I often find editing more of an effort than writing since it forces me to stare at a sheet of paper looking for anything that may be amiss like spelling, punctuation etc, and at the same time checking the story for continuity, and everything else goes along with writing a book.


This being the 4th book in a 9 book series, things are starting to get complicated. I’ve attempted to create a universe that is 5000 lights years across, for note, the Federation is roughly 6000-8000 in size, while the Galactic Empire is roughly 10,000-12,000 light years in diameter according to sources I could find on the net. So with that in mind, my little corner of my imagination isn’t that big, but managing it is getting more difficult.


More characters are introduced, more locations visited, more detail mentioned. More notes to take, more spreadsheets to fill with data. Tracking everything has turned into a full time job. I’ve given serious consideration to taking a break from this series for a bit, but if I did that I’d have a massive memory lapse that would probably be more trouble than a break would be worth.


In addition to editing operations, I’ve gotten news of rejection from Harper Collins Publishing UK. Rejection is to be expected from time to time, but it’s never fun when it hits. Life I suppose of the struggling writer. All I can do is pick up my red pen and keep editing. Fuck ‘em.

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