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Day 1, Book V

Is writing easy or difficult? Good question. Not sure I’m qualified to answer. Just sit down and let the creativity flow. If it’s shit, it’s shit. Maybe that’s all I turn out. But the act of writing itself I suppose is different from person to person. Me, I have some broad strokes of ideas and then I fill in the missing pieces. The story already has a beginning, middle and an end when I start, I just fill in the rest.

And why write what I write? Well I suppose it’s because I love Sci-Fi, and yet it’s so often butchered by Hollywood and I wanted to write something that ‘Donald the Fan’ might enjoy. It’s not keeping the lights on yet, maybe one day. So how do we start a new book?

Ideas, motherfucker! Must have some kind of creativity to write a fiction novel. Get those ideas down on paper, and then once you’ve got enough of them, string them together to form some kind of coherent story. And at the end of the day, just hope someone other than yourself likes it.

So, day 1 of the new book. Working title Condition Zero. What needs to happen? Gotta hit the Excel spreadsheets. Get some story ideas from the notebook and the brain onto the spreadsheet and start trying to figure out how I’m going to tell the story.


Then set up the word count tracker. I’m setting a target of 120,000 words for book V, and if I average a pithy 1,000 per day, that should take 120 days. Which is better than the 300 odd days book IV took. I’m also supposed to be writing a stand-alone book, working title Standish. Now that novel will take place in the same universe, and will be a female led project. Standish is in fact a minor character in book IV, and her name comes from The Breakfast Club, for all those fans of the 80s out there.

In the past I’ve tried to bang-out as man words per day as possible, and while this may have resulted in some impressive days, 4059 in one day, it also resulted in a lot of goose-eggs. I need consistency. So, with that in mind, it’s about time to start work on book V, and later this week begin work on Standish.


Column 1 is the day of writing and date. 2 is the present word count. 3 is the number written on any given day, and column 4 is the number of words remaining until the target word count.

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