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Books. Obviously.

Popped over to Clapham Books today to check out the books I dropped off last week. Low and behold they’re on the shelf next to the Man, the Myth, the Legend, George RR Martin. Yikes. No pressure. At least my book is signed. Not sure if that hurts its value though.

So, Book I, Minus Epsilon, is in print, and in 1 bookstore (Clapham Books). All I need to do now is print out books II-IV (Defiant Order, Horizons, Remnants of Empire) and get them into bookstores. Naturally being in more than 1 bookstore would be a good thing.


Baby steps. Right?

Anyway, Book V work starts Monday. I need the following ASAP: someone with knowledge of 1 ID out of Ft Riley, someone with knowledge of nuclear weapons, and a scientist or astrophysicist. I’m not picky.

Enjoy the weekend. I will.

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