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Beyond the Earth Saga Series

Trying to keep one eye on the horizon isn’t easy, but it is critical to ensure that there is some flight-plan for the future of my sci-fi series. It’s the 22nd of September 2017. The Earth Saga currently has four books on-line: Minus Epsilon, Defiant Order, Horizons, Remnants of Empire. Book V is complete and awaiting final edits. Books VI, VII, VIII, and IX have the broad-strokes figured out for overall storyline, and just need to be put to paper.

There are plans for a few stand-alone books. The first to be titled Standish, should be out in October. Another book, with the working title Reyn is on the drawing boards to follow book IX.

Looking beyond the Earth Saga Series, I have working titles for the three follow-up series. These series will be comprised of three books each, and the current titles are as follows: Epoch of Chaos, The Reconstitution, and Humanity’s End. These books will all be part of the Earth Saga universe, but won’t necessarily include any of the main characters from the present series, or operate in the same time-line. We are talking about projects that lay several years away, but getting the concepts down and the URLs secured is never a bad thing. Hopefully the people that enjoy reading the series will have many more years of entertainment to come.

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