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August 19

August came and went in a flash, and while good work was carried out, even if it was at a sluggish pace, things are starting to come together with Project X, the 7th book in the Earth Saga series. This novel is a rather pivotal part of the 9 part series, and I don’t want to call it the beginning of the end, but it certainly puts things in motion to see the series to a logical conclusion.

At present, Project 9, a stand-alone novella is with two readers, and once those two drafts have been edited again by me, the story will go to the final tester, with an October release still on the cards. Looking forward, I’ve decided to push ahead with the conclusion of the Earth Saga and wrap up the final two stories in 2020. After those are finished, I plan on follow-up stand-alone novels, and at least one trilogy set in the same universe. The plan is to build on the universe that already exists, travelling into the past, different facets of life, and possibly into the future.

On the film front, there were some good films viewed in August, and some total crap. I really enjoyed Crooked House, an Agatha Christie, and Shazam. A film that was as bad as I expected was Hunter Killer. A complete piece of dumb action rubbish. Kind of a cool plot, but badly executed and poorly handled. We also got Season 10 of Archer, which was better in some ways than some of the more recent series, but not hitting the highs from when the show launched. Perhaps I’ve got Archer fatigue.

Went down to Brighton on a scorching August day to see the great James Sherwood. He’s been hiding there while punching the keys. I’m jealous of any writer who can get out of town to work. Anywhere is better than my tiny flat.

James was also kind enough to put his eye to Project 9 before it went to my first reader while sipping some lovely cocktails in Covent Garden.

August also supplied me with the harshest review I’ve had so far. Look. I know that I’m not Shakespeare, and I also don’t have a professional editor, and I’m not trying to write the next Martian, but some people really like to stick the knife in and twist. Life goes on, and I’ll try to deliver a better product in the future. I just hope that the story-telling stays entertaining.

September is purely focused on getting Project X closer to completion. If all goes to plan, by the end of the month, it’ll look like I can wrap it up in October. A secondary, and critical issue that is ongoing is trying to get an agent. Not an easy task.

I’ll just keep attack the keyboard and trying to get the stories out. All I can do.

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