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Art and Culture

I suppose it doesn’t matter what it is, but getting some culture into the system every once in a while can’t hurt. Naturally some forms of television and other modes of entertainment should be disqualified from this equation, but that leaves countless other avenues to pursue, which will hopefully provide some level of mental nourishment and enjoyment.

I recently rewatched the 2010 Japanese film 13 Assassins in Mayfair, and while it may have been bloody as hell, it was brilliantly shot and certainly gave me more than one idea that I could incorporate into my stories. I’m a big cinephile and while not all films are created equally, a truly excellent film can easily boost the grey matter between your ears.

Living in London offers all sorts of access to museums, galleries, musical productions and amazing architecture, and on a recent rainy afternoon I decided to jump on the tube and visit the Wallace Collection on Manchester Square and the National Gallery.

I had visited the Wallace Collection at least once before, but only recall viewing the armour on the ground floor. On this particular visit I toured the entirety of the top floor, and was quite impressed by the collection that was on display. I even heard one of the curators mention that the Wallace Collection strives to have the bulk of its collection on display at all times, unlike other museums.

After doing the rounds upstairs, I made my way down to the armour section and drooled over the exquisite made pieces that were on display. I have no idea why German armour is referred to as artwork, it’s either an antique to something else. Artwork was made to be artwork, not implements of battle.

Anyway, an hour later I was cruising around the National Gallery just as the weather was improving surrounded by swarms of badly dressed and rather rude tourists. There’s something to be said about dressing up to the standard of the affair that you are attending. Do pilots not still wear ties? Do singers and performers at the ballet not train for hours a day for your pleasure? So should you not show equal resect and don more than just a pair of trainers and shorts to go to one of this nation’s greatest collections of art! Of course we live in the 21st century where just about everyone dresses like shit. It’s really kind of sad.

Never mind all that. In search of a particular piece, I was able to track down The Fighting Temeraire by Turner and get a picture in front of it. All fans of Bond will recognize it from Skyfall.

Those of us lucky enough to live in a city like London should take the opportunity to get out and see what the city has to offer when it comes to cultural escapades, and when you do, dress the part and show some respect.

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