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2018 in Review

Another year in the bag.

Sold 185 books. (I need to sell roughly 68 per day to live)

Got ‘Love in a Time of War’ out to the people.

Finished Project VI and VIII. Both of those are currently being edited.

A lifelong friend read Project VI, a standalone work titled ‘Standish’. He thinks it’s the best thing I’ve done so far, and that I should dump the series. He’s probably right on the first count, but the Earth Saga series must be finished. The story has to be told. 5 published, 4 to go.

Did a bit of travelling in 2018, which is always nice, wouldn’t mind doing some more in 2019.

But the big goal for 2019 has to be getting ‘Standish’ to an agent/publisher. That really must be the focus, because without that, I fear that there is no longer-term viability in this career for me.

Tomorrow is another day. We’ll do some editing. Listen to some amazing synth. Hit the gym. Discipline and consistency are the two words that need to be painted on the wall for 2019. With a close check on both of them, success should beckon.

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