Minus Epsilon

The Earth Saga I

Humanity thought they were the only intelligent life in the universe.

They were wrong. The arrival of a damaged spacecraft in South America tells Earth it’s not alone.

Special Forces Officer Joe Hunt makes first contact with the extra-terrestrials and puts in motion a political crisis on Earth that threatens nuclear war, and draws Earth into a conflict that could tear it apart.

Defiant Order

The Earth Saga II

Humanity knows it is not alone in the universe.

The War of Succession has been raging for 70 years in the remnants of the old Empire. On one side is the Alliance, and the crew of the Epsilon, on the other, the Coalition. Their fight there now threatens the very existence of mankind.

Repairs to the Epsilon are underway on Earth while new threats emerge. But more dangerous than any threat on Earth, is the arrival of the Coalition.


The Earth Saga III

The Alliance has arrived.

There is uncertainty about the arrival of a substantial alien presence on Earth and its impact on humanity, and its way of life. At the same time, there is fear the Coalition may return.

That fear becomes a harsh reality of inter-galactic war when the Coalition returns, in strength. Earth is now on the frontlines of the War of Succession.

Joe Hunt and his team now have internal and external threats to Earth. The only option is to travel to the Alliance to learn more about the war and what may be in store for Earth.

Remnants of Empire

The Earth Saga Iv

Earth is now on borrowed time.

While Joe Hunt and his team travel through Alliance territory, Doctor Keegan Beck is left on Earth to manage human/alien relations.

In Alliance territory, Joe and his team start to discover that the War of Succession is not what it appears. They lead an investigation to find why the war hasn’t ended and learn that humanity has more in common with the aliens than they could have ever imagined.

In Coalition space, plans are in motion that may threaten Earth and could lead to the end of humanity.

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Edge of the Vortex

The Earth Saga V

The Coalition has seized Earth.

Earth has come under attack from a massive Coalition invasion fleet that has come to take resources from the planet that they believe could tip the fate of the War of Succession.

In the Etelainen, Joe Hunt plans a daring mission to liberate Earth from the clutches of the Coalition. Doctor Rhea Stokes continues to pursue the conspirators that have dragged the war on in perpetuity for personal gains.

On Earth, Doctor Keegan Beck leads a small group of Alliance and human soldiers who must join forces with an unlikely ally to fight back against the Coalition invaders.

Condition Zero

The Earth Saga VI

Earth is occupied.

Its citizens living under the constant threat from the Coalition Fleet in orbit.

On the surface, Doctor Keegan Beck prepares the final assault to liberate the planet.

Meanwhile, Colonel Joe Hunt is with the Alliance, planning to retake the planet, knowing it will come at a cost.

All the while, the ancient Zarosian fleet is on the move. It’s destination: Jupiter.

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