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Arpina & Fairlight

The Earth Saga Universe

When the Empire can’t win a protracted war, they’ll call upon their best to end it in one final battle.

Commanders Arpina and Fairlight, members of the most elite unit of the Imperial Fleet, are battle-hardened by years of conflict and have never faced an assignment they couldn’t complete.


Tasked with an impossible mission, Arpina and Fairlight will do everything in their power to accomplish their objective, regardless of the costs.


For years the Empire has expanded with the minimal use of force, but the war has made many weary, so when a scientist offers an experimental treatment to unlock the capabilities of their finest warriors, the Emperor agrees in a desperate bid to finally end the hostilities.


With the galaxy's fate hanging in the balance, only a daring mission led by two of the Fleet’s finest have any chance of returning peace to the Empire.


Action packed from start to finish with all the explosions and decapitations fans of the Earth Saga Universe have come to expect!