The Earth Saga I

Minus Epsilon

As an intergalactic civil-war ravages the cosmos that lies beyond Earth’s vision, a lone, stricken starship appears in the solar system and crashes on Earth. Minus Epsilon follows the journey of humanity in its attempt to make peaceful contact with this extraterrestrial species while the crew of the marooned ship desperately try and find a way home. Cultures and nations will be brought to the brink of war with the crew of the alien ship caught in the cross-fire and the fate of all of humanity resting in the balance.

The Earth Saga II

Defiant Order

It has been six months since the Epsilon crashed on Earth, and while tensions between the Humans and off-worlders appear to be going smoothly, new threats are developing from several avenues – some on Earth, and others from beyond the stars. When a large corporation is given access to the Epsilon, humanity once again finds itself on the verge of sparking an incident with the aliens that could reverberate throughout galaxy, coupled with the knowledge that an unsecured distress signal was sent into space, there is the risk that Earth will be dragged into the civil war that has wreaked havoc on the galaxy for seventy years.

The Earth Saga III


With the immediate threat to Earth from the Coalition abated and an Alliance fleet in orbit; humanity must come to terms with a very real, very large alien presence in the Sol System, and a growing presence on Terra. Major Joe Hunt, Rhea Stokes and their team of scientists must now deal with official representation from the Alliance as Earth is dragged deeper into the reality of being a member of an inter-galactic community, and while no threats have come to the surface on Earth, there is little doubt that the Coalition will return to Earth to discover the fate of their missing starship.

The Earth Saga IV

Remnants of Empire

As Joe and Rhea jump into Alliance territory, the stakes become higher than they could have imagined; new found politics and deception make them question everything they know about the Alliance. Meanwhile things develop rapidly within the Coalition. With Earth's new mineral wealth discovered, Coalition leadership turns their focus to Terra. Doctor Keegan Beck attempts to maintain order on Earth as the Alliance intrude further upon humanity's existence. When a line is crossed, humanity and their closest allies are forced to face the realities of a war that has left their galaxy in ruins. Everything they know is threatened from enemies both at home and abroad.

About the Author

Donald B. McFarlane

The London based author was born in the United Kingdom, but reared in Atlanta, Georgia, creating some kind of strange mid-Atlantic mutant that equally loves bespoke tailoring and cowboy boots. With a penchant for jazz and whiskey, and armed with a degree in history and some time in the army (both sides of the pond), this intrepid writer is attempting to achieve what very few sci-fi authors before him have: mainstream, snappy, kick-ass science fiction.